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1. Water __________ at a temperature of 100 degrees.
2. Even though he has now lost his title, people ________ always remember him as a champion.
3. Like any top sportsman he ________ to train when he was fighting.
4. To be the best _______ the world is not easy.
5. Many people _______ he is the greatest boxer of all time.
6. He is very well known _______ the world.
7. He has travelled a lot ________ as a boxer and as a world-famous personality.
8. If he ________ lost his first fight with Sonny Liston, no one would have been surprised.
9. His religious beliefs _______ change his name when he became champion.
10. After he ________ an Olympic gold medal he became a professional boxer.
11. Mohammed Ali ________ his first world title fight in 1960.
12. Very ________ people can travel abroad.
13. ________ people don't know what it's like in other countries.
14. In England _________ time of the year is usually in winter.
15. Places near the Equator have _______ weather.
16. In deserts there isn't _______ grass.
17. In some places ________ almost every day.
18. In England people are always talking about _________ .
19. In cold countries people wear thick clothes _________ warm.
20. In some countries ______ very hot all the time.